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Beginner Series E-Book 1 Course + Lesson Videos
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Features Chords and Detailed Strum Pattern Explanations!
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Learn Worship Guitar
Christian Guitar Chords, Christian Guitar Songs, Easy Guitar Worship Songs, Christian Guitar Lessons, Learn Praise Guitar Songs

Learn Worship Guitar
Christian Guitar Chords, Christian Guitar Songs, Easy Guitar Worship Songs, Christian Guitar Lessons, Learn Praise Guitar Songs

Learn Worship Guitar
Christian Guitar Chords, Christian Guitar Songs, Easy Guitar Worship Songs, Christian Guitar Lessons, Learn Praise Guitar Songs
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"Finally ... Now You Can 
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  • 4 Unique Chord Positions to Play Popular Christian Songs FAST!
  • A Major Secret Tip To Simplify Your Strumming Patterns!
  • A Proven Technique To Play & Sing At The Same Time!
  • A Guitar Lesson Secret To Get You Playing A Song In 1 Day!
Dear Guitarist Friend,

Do you desire to learn worship guitar?  Whether you dream of playing guitar in a worship band, blessing your friends at bible studies, Youth Group at church, camp outs, school or playing worship songs at family get together's...

...if you'd like to save time and money on 1 on 1 lessons, play whole worship songs fast using just 4 chords and no theory or scales and improve your strumming patterns greatly, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read!

Here's why:

These Christian guitar lessons use a unique approach like nothing you have seen. I use new special proven unique instructional videos showing the chord hand and strumming hand. The videos also show the chord chart that follows the song through to show you exactly where your finger position should go for that particular song to make it fast and easy to learn and play.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. I would be too! That's normal and healthy. I'm going to tell you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:
Three Reasons To Believe Why You Will Learn With Me and This Course...
Reason #1: My experience has landed me as worship director and leader for over 12 years and served as worship director at my home church Blessed Hope Chapel, Simi Valley, CA.
I have successfully taught hundreds of students all over the world and church groups using these unique teaching methods with proven results!

Reason #2: My skills featured me on TBN's Exalting Him 2003 with Mark Lowry, Michael English and other industry executives placing 2nd in the nation among various bands for best worship team!

Reason #3: I have played, sang and produced 3 worship CD projects that are available around the world, helped produce other local singer/songwriters, worked with David T. Clydesdale and Babbie Mason and a host of others singing, playing and performing acoustic and electric guitar.
    "Live Concert"        "In Your Presence Live CD"     "Live Concert"
Me at TBN's Exalting Him 03      Enter In" Live CD              Emmaus Road
No Other Program Offers These Benefits You Receive!
E-Book explains and illustrates detailed need-to-know facts only

Gets you playing songs quickly! Videos correspond with e-book!

Quality split screen Videos - Watch Sample Strum Lesson Here 

Mimic chord hand and see it as you see your own chord hand. No translation. (You only find this unique method right here!)

Lifetime Member Access (no other program offers this!)

No monthly fees, saving time and money

Access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
or download videos to your computer or iPod!
Can learn and practice from any location or computer anywhere!

Strictly Online access - Click Here to Watch Sample Lesson 2

No waiting for book or CD in the mail

Unique teaching style found nowhere else

Guaranteed fast and easy learning process with proven results in shortest fast as 1 day in some cases!

Learn 4 simple unique chords and fingering

Play several worship songs with these 4 chords! Uniquely positioned

Online 24/7, 365 days a year access

No drive time, waiting time, scheduling as with 1 on 1 lessons

One time low cost initial payment to start

YOU SAVE - $40/ Hr., $160 / Mo. or whopping $1920 per year!

Learn 8 complete worship songs all in 30 days or less

Be playing for home groups, church or Bible study

Review lesson videos over and over with ease right on your computer

No rewinding tapes, CD's or DVD's

30 Day unconditional Money Back Guarantee

NO risk trial purchase
Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

Learn Worship Guitar is an exclusive, unique online member web site that uses an e-book and corresponding detailed high quality instructional videos online in your own home, right from your computer anytime it suits you, at your own pace. I teach in a way that nobody else does and you WILL be playing FAST! You will master worship guitar and develop your own style in the shortest possible time. You can access it from anywhere in the world, from any computer with a High Speed Internet connection, 24/7, 365! The best part is you only pay once for lifetime access! There are no monthly membership fees as so many others charge! What makes this course so awesome is that you will see results in as little as one day! Students email me saying they are already playing a song after having the course for only 24 hours and they never achieved this success with any other program! 
Don't take my word for it.
People just like you all over the world tell how and why this works for them...
Testimonial : 
I'm so excited about learnworshipguitar!!! Your site is so unique! It totally inspired me to pickup the guitar again! Two years ago, I lost my love and passion for guitar. Unable to afford lessons at $40 a hour and not knowing where to turn for direction I threw in the towel. A couple of years later I found . What a phenomanal way inspire a generation of worship leaders!! This was the boost I needed to propel me back on guitar. The combination of video w/chords guided by a gifted worship leader is truly phenomenal! It's so great to see the worship community embrace web 2.0 technology to expand God's kingdom!

Thanks again for everything!

Issac Ortiz
Seattle, WA.
I’ve never played an instrument before but I am very pleased with the progress that I’ve made in just a few short days with your help. I hope to be in good enough form to play “Silent Night” to my family on Christmas Day!

Rick Renfro
Melbourne, FL

I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing guitar lessons and support I’ve received from you and your video lessons. By the grace of God, I have made such great progress in obtaining a dream that He has placed deep within my heart to lead worship within my prison ministry and small group bible study, and having the guidance I received from your worship guitar lessons has played a huge part in that progress as well. I had been learning all the basics with note reading and chords, but had not been able to pull it all together and actually be able to play worship songs, until through your lessons, I found out how easy it truly can be! Within days I have already learned more than I have in months of practice on my own, and I am truly singing praises to our God for the gifts He has placed within you for bringing us such clear and detailed, but easy, guidance in learning worship guitar. Now that I can actually play some worship songs, I have literally been moved to tears of joy (and also filled with laughter!) as I play because of finally being able to worship God in the way that I have strongly desired to do for so long… I can only pray that God will use me to touch the lives of others in the same way that you have….. Thank you Dean. You are a true blessing for so many of us that have a passion to serve our Lord through music….

Julie Norris
Sacramento, CA
Hi Dean

I had been playing guitar for the past 2 years more off then on cause
I hadn't found a fun easy way to learn it. There was too much theory
or a teacher would put me way out into left field with progression or
parts of songs that I wanted to learn, but made it way to complicated
to do when I got home. I felt in my mind that I wanted to give up but
my heart just said no. So I'd ask different places about teaching me
simple 4, 5 and 6 chord songs but no one seemed to have an answer.
Then I seen Dean on YOUTUBE teaching parts of the song " How Great is
our God". I went to your website . What do I see HOW TO LEARN 4 CHORD. Breaking down EVERYTHING. I feel it was a sign from
God. I had finally found something that I could wrap my head around.
May God Bless you Dean because you are blessing people with the gift
of music, Thank you.

Kyle Koltok
Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Hello Dean
I want to thank you for your website it's fabulous, all themes in the site are very useful to adore and worship to our Marvelous, Powerful, Faithful and Beautiful God and to improve our interaction whit our loved-guitar-friend. I have learned so much in just a few days!

Best regards,

Guido A.
Warning: You Need to Know These Things Before Buying 
Any Online Worship Guitar Course...
There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

1: Make sure it's coming from a reliable source. Don't be swayed by other sites offering you 'monthly plans' or free lessons to start with, then they hit you with a huge bill at the end.

With this program, it is what you see is what you get. Meaning there are no hidden costs or unknown factors.

We offer a LIFETIME access to our online course, a full money back guarantee and there are no contracts or commitments. Shoot me an email anytime you want - ALWAYS respond!

2: Beware of scams or fakes. Anyone who professes to be me and is a scam. I teach all my students 1 on 1 via video. I do not have other teachers who teach this course! Also beware of other sites using this business name. They try and "steal" customers and students by using names close to mine to intentionally confuse buyers. Beware of this practice.

3: Don't get swayed by 'review' sites who claim they know who has the best course and to buy their recommendation.

Every one of them get paid on a commission basis ... meaning they only recommend the course that gives them the highest commission up front.

Not necessarily the best course for you in the end. Try rolling your mouse over their links. None of them direct you straight to the product!

They're all embedded with commission tracking links!

4: Make sure the site has been around for a while. So many emails come into my inbox from people who've been burnt or bought something online and never received the product or a reply email!

With us, you can be sure we've been around for years and we are continuing to grow and have a real online presence.

Try going to Google or Yahoo search and typing in Dean Palacio guitar lessons. You don't take up the whole first page if you have not been around online for some time!

5: Finally, how many times have you emailed or called an online business with question or just to talk to a live person only to find that you never get an answer or return email? I would never deal with them!

I always answer emails personally and quickly, I don't have someone do it for me. If I am in my office and you call, I actually answer my phone! Don't believe me? Try me (805) 577-8481, or email me
at You ALWAYS get a reply within 24 hours or less!
You get at least 10 times your money's worth with these online Christian guitar lessons!
In this course you will receive a 50 page e-book that comes to life with over 3 hours worth of instructional videos, 10 complete worship song videos, plus eight song instructional videos along with all the song sheets containing the lyrics and chords for each song. If you were to add up all the time you would spend with a 1-on-1 private teacher to learn what is contained in this course it would add up to over $2000.00 for a whole year or $160.00 for just 1 month!
1 on 1 private guitar lessons would cost you about $40 - $50 per hour, your time there and back, gas, waiting time, scheduling time and this would still not guarantee that you would come away with being able to play songs and chords with ease in less than 30 days!
In summary, this is what you get:
A 50 page e-book bursting with images, and detailed instructions and illustrations that you can download and print out. (not mailed to you physically, but downloaded right to your computer... That's right immediate access!)
Over 50 instructional videos with high quality split screen technology showing easy to see chords, chord and strumming hand details broken down step-by-step
For as much as you would pay for one private lesson, you get Step-by-Step virtual training at your computer whenever it suits you with LIFETIME access and only one time low payment (no monthly fees!)
  • The hottest teaching methods to kickstart your skills to a higher level FAST... You won't find these teaching methods anywhere!
  • Whole complete worship song instructional videos along with song sheets, lyrics, chords and strumming patterns
  • High quality fast streaming digital sound and video (no waiting for downloads) Clean and crisp close up shots of chords and strumming
  • A 30 day NO RISK unconditional money back guarantee! (immediate refund if not 100% satisfied)
If you respond right away, you pay one time only $47.00. (no monthly fees!)
($127 value and over $197 value with bonuses offered!)
Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following FREE Bonuses:
 Free Bonus Offer  #1 ($48 value)
 Free Bonus Offer #2 ($79 value)
 Free Bonus Offer #3 ($78 value)
 Free Bonus Offer #4 ($49 value)
That's $254 total value you receive free when you get this course today!
You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee!
By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad moneyback guarantee:

I offer a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Think of it as your return receipt for 30 days. And If during that 30 days you are not completely thrilled with the Learn Worship Guitar Beginner Series E-Book 1 Course and videos, simply email
or call my office at (805) 577-8481 and I will see to it personally that every cent is 100% refunded.

This guarantee covers you for everything.

If something goes wrong, you don't like it or even if you don't like the colors in the book!

If during the next 30 days you are not 100% happy with your decision, that means I have not done my job - I WANT you to ask for your money back - Fair enough?

You don't have to decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out for 30 days. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if you don't save money and time and see proven results, or if your playing doesn't improve, or if you're not playing songs, or if you don't absolutely love it, just let me know and I'll give you every cent of your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Today is THE day... your day to begin playing!

If you are anxious to learn to play or improve your worship guitar skills, this is the course for you! And you can start right the next 5 minutes even!
Here's how to get your exclusive member access right now!
Upon completion of payment by following the instructions below you'll receive your exclusive Member access details immediately!
To get Your Online Worship Guitar Course just click the "Gold Button" below! You are just minutes away from playing worship guitar!
I look forward to getting an email letter from you, telling me about your music success story and how you have progressed with your own style of worship guitar playing. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story! I ALWAYS answer my email and phone!

...In 30 Days Or Less You'll Also Discover :
Watch a video message from Dean explaining the entire program
Now only $47 (one time, no hidden or monthly fees!)
Start Today...In The Next 5 Minutes...even if it's 2:00 am!
All videos feature dowload option to your computer and are video iPod compatible!
Songs Include:

How Great Is Our God
Holy And Anointed One
Every Move I Make
You Are My All In All
Wonderful Maker
I Give You My Heart
Holy Is The Lord
Mighty To Save
(Lift Up Holy Hands)


Chords & Lyrics
Play Along &
Instructional Video
Included for All
Songs In This Course!


The Complete Package Is Ready For You!
  • Detailed Colorful Downloadable E-book,
  • Over 50 Video Guitar Lessons, 
  • Worship Song Instructional Videos
  • Play Along Videos with Song Sheets and Chords
  • Lifetime Member Access (No Monthly Fees!)
***Instant Online Access Upon Purchase***
Start Right Now!
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